dda003: chrissie -- from the carboniferous

in her own words:

"Chrissie Caulfield was born at a very young age and was obviously going to be a musician as she started playing Beatles songs on an out-of-tune guitar before she was 5. Oh actually no, everyone did that. Her musical career took off when she discovered that with sufficient amplification and and inordinate amount of effects pedals, a violin could actually make interesting noises without all that tedious messing about with conservatoire training."

this is all in keeping with the vague non-rules and amplification adoration of the dda collective, and we welcome the release of her tape 'from the carboniferous'. sided with a thirty minute, one-take drone of sounds both gorgeous and stupefying. inspired in part by a quarry in Horsforth, with the resonating contours to boot, the piece ripples with a kind of yorkshire sci-fi. flipped over the tape becomes an immense sound montage called "seeing through walls".

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